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apology to everyone that I’m gonna be slow for awhile ;;

it’s back to school time, I just moved into a new dorm in the city which means I’m away from many of my art stuff I could not bring with me (including my precious Mac desktop, ugh how I hate my windows 8 laptop kill it with fire)

I’ll need a week or two to adjust, but after that I really plan on committing to a posting schedule, to start off once or twice a week. 

Friendly reminder I also have another blog where I just reblog cool inspirational art and fandom things @ reallysmallapple

In the meantime, I’m on a reading binge. I just finished Parable of the Sower and I’m onto Gone Girl, and next on the docket is going to be House of Leaves. So I would love to talk books with anyone, or just  talk at all really! Feel free to pop me a message on either blog, I don’t care if we talk about plants or the meaning of life, I’m here to chat!

, #nonsensical