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So I might be compiling commission info together soon, we’ll see how it goes!

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I really regret not posting much but I’m stuck in a limbo ;-; a sort of ‘I want to draw/post things but there is homework I should actually be working on’ 

here are some studies though

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So yesss, Anime Boston was GREAT. My friends and I went to many panels on Friday, cosplayed on Saturday, and shopped and dropped on Sunday. We learned amazing, helpful info about starting up comics, saw cool Funimation dub premieres, and we were brought to tears in the masquerade. Not to mention the kickass AMV winners, as always. This was our 7th year there and it’s still so new and sooo much fun, I already cannot wait until next year!

We all had many pics taken, so I’m just gonna put out there that if anyone may have a photo of an Annie alongside a Female Titian, and/or a Unikitty then I would like to know! : ) 

I took a few pics of cool other peeps, found here. The pics I already have of myself+friends are here, here, and here

Stay strong in your post-con depression! I can’t wait to see all the amazing people and panels next year!

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and finally, cool people who were at Anime Boston! Y’all rocked your cosplays!

 ahhh oh my gosh I’m the sexy Jean, thank you for taking my picture! 

No problem! That was really late saturday night and I had just changed out of my own cosplay so I might have looked a little like a bum haha, but thank you for posing so superbly! 

hello all, I shall be attending Anime Boston this weekend. you may or may not hear from me, as I plan to keep busy by stuffing my face with all the cheesey foods I can afford (okay so I use a con weekend as an excuse from my normally dairy-free life, what of it?? I need the cheese. I NEED IT. )

ahem, yes, Anime Boston. I’ll be there as Annie from SNK! (Saturday-Sunday)

Tomorrow I’m not going in cosplay, though I think my badge says “small” in case  anyone wants to seek me out. (I’ll also be the one ravenously devouring  pizza)


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the artist at work

the artist at work